Okay, I have seen all the bad news reports mocking Bristol Palin and her new PR firm. Let me be the first to congratulate Bristol for selecting such a wonderful career choice. While many news sources are questioning Bristol’s ability to actually perform as a PR professional, don’t knock the Palin team just yet. I predict in the future the world will come to respect Bristol as a household name in the PR industry.

Bristol’s new firm is called BSMP LLC which represents her brand name Bristol Sharon Marie Palin.

“Bristol Palin naming her company BSMP LLC is one smart PR power move,” stated CR Cataunya Ransom lead publicist for Mosnar Communications, Inc.

While some may laugh at the thought of Bristol being a PR pro, consider that she also has one of the hottest names to toot her PR horn. Yep you guessed it Mom Sarah Palin, political sensation and best selling book author. Just on the Palin name alone Bristol will score big accounts.

Many times people elect to go with PR firms for their big names. Often to find out that a new college grad or someone just like Bristol is handling their account. In respect to Bristol she is already the spokes model representing Candie’s Foundation. So her PR future is looking really bright.

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  1. Susie says:

    A "recent college grad" is a far cry from a girl who barely graduated from high school a year ago, or is that too "elitist" for you? This girl is no more qualified to head up a PR firm than she is to teach middle school science. Please. This is a tax dodge and she is being used by Sarah's lawyer as a front. Legal, unfortunately. Morally right…well, for the Palins, who seem to have no problem milking the system for whatever they can get, all in the name of God. This family sickens me, because they lie and lie and lie, and get rewarded every time. They were millionaires before Palin set foot at the Rep. Convention, and lied about being "just like you all." Please. Can't they just stay in Alaska and count their jackpot winnings?

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