Often people think that because we are in a recession that FREE is the right solution to attract buyers. Would you really consider making a purchase just because you would receive a free gift? The recession has truly made every shopper more savvy about when and what kinds of purchases to make.

A property developer built a fabulous luxurious house which he wants £1-million dollars for the house plus he plans to give a free Ferrari to whoever purchases the luxury home. WOW, would that instantly make you want to purchase or consider buying the house just because of the Ferrari?

True the Ferrari is worth £100,000 and if you love the luxury house it would be a great win-win? What people have to understand is that luxury is a cultural perspective. I am afraid the reason the developer has had problems moving the luxury home and has no takers is not a £1-million price tag. The Ferrari does not add value to why a homeowner should make the purchase.

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