There is now an official badge designed for the luxury industry when sending out tweets about anything luxury related. Thanks to @McFads who organized the design and promotion for the badge working from the concept of @Mosnarcomm to spotlight and promote Luxury 50 Top Twitter Users for luxury goods, services, promotions, etc.

Every once and a while somebody comes along with a really good idea!

Rules for receiving a Luxury 50 Top Twitter Badge:

1. The badge is given to anyone who placed in the Top 50 by using “Luxury” search (Even if you are not in the Top 50 now you still can display the badge ANYWHERE if you were ever placed in the Top 50).

2. On June 22, 2009 Mosnar Communications, Inc Public Relations Blog announced the first winners CHECK TO SEE

3. If you are in the Top 50 TODAY or were on June 22, 2009 send out a blog post announcement and Tweet stating what number you are or were! Display the Luxury 50 Top Twitter Badge ANYWHERE!! Feel free to link back here to this POST!!

How do you get a Luxury 50 Top Twitter Badge?

1. Keep Tweeting about luxury to increase your reach and Twitter traffic to improve your Twitter Grade!

2. Promote your Twitter account!!!

3. Target Twitter profiles focused on Luxury!

Congrats to the official first winners from June 22, 2009! This is truly something to celebrate, because it is not the number of followers that you have BUT your reach that improves your Twitter grade!


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