He is ultimately one of the most marketable brands on the planet. When you think of Golf you think of Tiger Woods the brand. Tiger is a golf star who became the first athlete to break the billion dollar earnings mark. Proving that he is an endorsement branding and marketing machine!

No easy quest to achieve and maintain Tiger Woods branding status. Protecting his brand must be a fulltime 24/7 round the clock slave driving task. Hearing the breaking news that Tiger Woods was seriously injured in a car crash (this is the manner it was reported) sent the world into utter shock.

“Tiger Woods is a sustainable brand with organic brand equity to remain on top even in crisis situations. Advertisers should not worry about Woods endorsement deals because his brand is one of the most sustainable,” stated CR Cataunya Ransom, lead publicist of Mosnar Communications, Inc.

While Tiger Woods must answer questions about the car crash accident and news story breaking about having an alleged affair. It would be smart to only listen to what Tiger Woods has to say. Believe me soon Tiger will update the world about what is going on and what really went wrong.

Tiger Woods is the ONLY reliable source for this storyline.

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