PR is earned publicity, not paid for like advertising. It is often considered the most credible because it is not paid for. The recession has actually leveled the playing field to compete for media coverage. Gone are the days of “paying off” for features in major newspapers, luxury magazines, etc. Target audience consumers want real organic storylines and know when they are not getting them.

Which is why starting a PR Media Virus is so important these days. CRandKyle.Info reveals the secret formula how-to Start a PR Media Virus worth $1 Million Dollars in Free Publicity.

So what is the secret to receive $1 million dollars in FREE publicity? There are seven steps to make this happen.

According to CR and Kyle Ransom, Following these instructions is the secret formula to receiving $1 million dollars in free publicity. Receive media pick ups and storyline features in major newspapers, magazines, blogs, etc. Interviews for television, radio, podcasts, etc. the ultimate PR plan to make Oprah call you!

1. Create Newsworthy Media Virus – If your storyline is not newsworthy no media outlet is going to pick it up or even want to talk about it for that matter.

2. Identify Media Virus Target Audience – Who do you perceive your ideal target audience to be? Identify all of the primary media outlets, including social media and Internet marketing that will help you to reach this audience. The media outlets will deliver your message to your ideal target audience.

3. Expand Media Virus Exposure – Expose your media virus to the best matched media outlets to deliver your message to your ideal target audience. Connect with credible media sources, outlets, individuals, social media networks, etc.

4. Establish Media Virus Sound Bite – What is it about the media virus storyline that makes it standout in the crowd? What features and benefits make it special?

5. Pitch Media Virus Relationships – Offer inside overview to expand and spread media virus. Build media relationships and pitch storylines to increase media virus awareness.

6. Capture Media Virus Attention – Continue to capture attention about the media virus. Utilize social media networks to continue to communicate and expand media virus exposure to further new media viruses that add value.

7. Produce Media Virus Credibility – The main ingredient to keep a media virus spreading and exposing others is to keep building credibility. This will help the media virus to remain alive and sustainable to continue to spread over and over.

The more free publicity you receive the more your media virus will spread. If you have a clear developed newsworthy message your media virus should spread to major media outlets. A positive feature storyline in only a few major media outlets is worth millions in free publicity.

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