Jennifer Lawrence is one of the biggest A-List celebrities in Hollywood. She represents the young fresh face of Hollywood and adored by luxury brands for her sensational style. Now Lawrence is taking on a major threat to her celebrity brand due to recent exposure of unauthorized nude pictures leaked on the Internet. So, here we go again another celebrity under fire because of leaked nude pictures on the Internet.

In this instance Lawrence through her representative quickly reacted to the crisis and immediately sought to do damage control. The responsible party leaking Lawrence’s nude photos is thought to be a hacker where the photos later appeared posted on 4chan to earn bitcoins. So, how “much” would the world pay to see Jennifer Lawrence’s nude photos? Just the news that the photos were available set the Internet world on fire and quickly landed on Google Trends with as many as 5,000,000+ searches.

Jennifer Lawrence Nude Pics

jennifer-lawrence 2Photo credit Marie Claire

There is also believed to be a master list of other nude pictures of more celebrities. Some celebrities quickly took to their Twitter profiles to discredit that the nude photos were not real. Both Ariana Grande and Victoria Justice denied that leaked nude photos were actually them. For Jennifer Lawrence who’s statement through her representative declared “This is a flagrant violation of privacy” clarifies that the photos are actually Lawrence. Also making a promise that “The authorities have been contacted and will prosecute anyone who posts the stolen photos of Jennifer Lawrence” as an effort to stop the distribution of the photos.

What could you do if something really bad “like” what is happening to Jennifer Lawrence also happened to your luxury brand? When a crisis happens there are many things you should do to put a strategy recovery in place to safeguard your luxury brand.

#1 Address The Facts

The one thing that people will want to know first “is there any truth” to what is happening? IF it is true simply own it and address the media.

#2 Identify Who’s Liable

This is the strategy recovery best defense. Always conduct an investigation to determine who is most responsible and what can be done differently so that it never occurs again.

#3 Take Action

Learn from mistakes and implement better policies to prevent the type of crisis from occurring again. If it was a behavior that caused the crisis find out how-to create a culture so that it never happens again.

And lastly, dealing with a crisis is not the end of the world. How quickly you react will decide how well your luxury brand will recover. We would like to wish Miss Lawrence the best of luck and have no uncertainties that she will come out on top. Looking forward to seeing her next red carpet look and another blockbuster hit movie real soon…


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