Believe it our not Labor Day is the perfect time to help wealthy consumers to fall crazy drunk in love with your luxury brand. To do this is not as hard or as difficult as you might be thinking.

Labor Day Luxury Brand Tips Giveaway

Labor Day 

When it comes to branding especially for luxury brands those in charge simply confuse the key essential elements for how-to brand. Branding is not marketing, advertising, or even public relations PR. So if you often intermix branding as being either of these you have found your true problem for not being able to create a successful luxury brand to sell whatever it is you offer at any price point you may desire.

These are easy steps you can still use long after Labor Day to position a luxury brand in the marketplace. Your purpose as a brand is to hook customers to crave your offering.

In order to get to that position you must first understand how-to brand…

Establish Brand Identity First

Relate your brand’s personality, for instance introduce your brand in the marketplace.

A good brand addresses a problem and presents it’s self as the only solution to and for the problem. So, that’s how we “experts” do it!

How prospects perceive a brand and the perception of the brand in the marketplace is vital to the success of a brand.

Focus on association “fear of loss” by positioning your brand as the ONLY solution to and for the problem.

When you establish brand identity first this presents an opening in the marketplace for your luxury brand to charge a premium price point. This is how luxury brands are sustained. Emerging luxury brands can follow this same path.

Avoid Fatal Branding Mistakes

It always surprises me just how many people think that their product or service is the brand. I laugh every time I hear reality television stars refer to themselves as “the” brand. Which is why most of them can’t sell tons of their millions of product offerings well.

You do have celebrity brands but the celebrity is not the brand… A celebrity is a brand but not the brand.

So what exactly is a brand? A brand is the personality of the company that is driven by the impact over the consumer. How the customer perceives the brand and the perception in the customer ‘s head about the brand.

When working with luxury brands I always address asking “what” way would they like for clients to feel about their luxury brand? I even ask how do they want clients to feel about their luxury brand after they leave?

Why those questions are so very important is because they relate the true personality of the luxury brand. From there it is my job to help the luxury brand carryout the purpose and target the right audience.

To avoid the biggest branding mistakes, you must be able to define what it is that your luxury brand company stands for. Settle on one or two statements for what the luxury brand company stands for and train everyone in your organization as well.

Keep The Brand’s Promise

To be a successful brand you have to make a commitment. The promise of your brand is the foundation blocks that will build consumer trust. Don’t ever neglect or refuse to stay committed to the promise of the brand. If you do you stand a chance of losing customer loyalty forever and the relationship will never be the same.

Through the use of strategic marketing you can distance your luxury brand promise from the competition. When I assist luxury brands with luxury marketing often I have to explain this to them. Here is where all those other elements can come into play. Luxury marketing enhances the luxury brand through branding, marketing, advertising, public relations, data research, etc.

Brand Lifestyle

When you have a luxurious offering this is the best opportunity to brand a lifestyle. A brand is a lifestyle and you want your brand to be the first choice for a lifestyle option.

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