A thriving businesswoman and a self-confessed workaholic, Kim Kardashian is also busy preparing for her wedding to basketball ace Kris Humphries.

But the reality TV star always finds the time to ensure she looks picture-perfect, as her glowing recent appearance on US chatshow Jay Leno showed.

Here, make-up artist to the stars Alice Theobald shows hellomagazine.com readers how to recreate the American beauty’s sultry and sexy look…

“Firstly, for a freshed-face look, cleanse the skin with foam wash,” says Alice.  “Moisturise with La Praire Spf 30 for the ideal base and primp the lips with Lip Treatment from La Praire, which contains Spf 15. It’s difficult to work on top of dry flaky skin so this step is important.

“Using your fingertips, apply Nars Face Prep which smoothes out any fine lines. Any area in need of extra coverage I recommend using the Illmasqua eye concealer.

“Apply foundation. Superbalance by Clinique will give you that Kim Kardashian mattness where needed but won’t dry skin out. It also helps balance the skin in T-zones areas. I always apply this using the Dior foundation brush to ensure maximum coverage, which is particularly important underneath the eyes. ”

Next up, the eye area. “If you suffer from the dreaded eye bags, La Praire have a product called Light Fantastic. If you apply in the troublesome area, it will bounce the light out for a flawless look.

“To recreate her perfect eyebrows, enhance your natural arch using Givenchy brow prism. This suits all skin types and it even comes with mini tweezers for any unruly eyebrows. Use Laura Mercier eyebrow gel and flick over to hold in place.

To create Kim’s beautiful eyes, Alice recommends Mocha Palette by Dolce & Gabbana. “Apply the lightest shade from the palette with the Laura Mercier all over eyebrush from lash to brow, then blend with Clinique Martini Stay Matte eyeshadows into the socket line and in between the lower lashes,” she says.

“Take Sicilly Pencil in snow and run inside the rim of the eye. This instantly takes away any redness and evidence of one too many parties. Using the Laura Mercier eyeliner brush, sweep Shisado cream eye liner across the top of the lid.

For Kim’s amazing lashes, unless you are supernaturally blessed, one must turn to falsies to recreate the sultry look. Alice shares her top pick with us.

“I recommend Mac False Lashes in 34 and 35. Apply both or for a more subtle look use one or the other. Use black Dior Show 360 mascara to blend the false lash and your natural lash together. Use on the bottom lashes also. ”

Now for the rosy cheeks that perk up Kim’s complexion. “To create that glow and sculpture on the cheeks, I used Illamasqa illuminator on the cheekbone. And, using Estee Lauder blusher brush, smile widely and apply Excite Blush by Illamaska to the apples of your cheeks.

“Take the Illamasqa glint and burnish bronzer and the Estee Lauder face powder brush, lightly apply under your natural cheekbone to sculpt your face and bring your cheekbones out a la Kim.”

Kim’s nude lips ooze effortless glamour. “For the no lip lip gloss, I recommend Laura Mercier in natural lips lip liner and if you draw around your natural lip line and pencil all over your lips, this erases your natural colour and takes them down a tone,” says Alice. “Apply Giorgio Armani 100 natural lipcolour which gives you your glossy shine.”

Alice shares a final hint on how to keep your Kim Kardashian look for as long as possible. “Finally, for a long-lasting finish, Urban Decay Deflick ensures hours of lasting power.”

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