On last week Chrissy Teigen made her baby bump known. Only after just five days of announcing the news that she and husband John Legend are expecting a baby, Chrissy Teigen shared a bathroom-mirror selfie of her growing belly, clad in skintight black. “Someone is early to the party,” she wrote on Instagram.

Somebody is early to the party ???

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Luxury Maternity Clothes Renting

Le Tote Maternity Clothes MosnarCommunications

So what can everyday moms do to look amazing just like celebrity moms while rocking a baby bump?  Le Tote has the best solution by allowing the rental of luxury maternity clothes…The launch started off with monthly subscriptions for mystery boxes of clothes that women could keep for as long as they’d like, sort of like a Netflilx-Birchbox combo. Le Tote later added the ability to purchase items, and to choose the box’s contents rather than be surprised. They’ve now amassed over 20,000 subscribers, so the time is right for Le Tote to make good on the initial plan of renting maternity clothes.Subscriber demographics for the brand indicate that the move will be beneficial; the users skew early thirties, and are mostly urban professionals. Forty-four percent are mothers, and they’ve already shown that they’re interested in clothing subscription rentals.

The maternity subscription line offers three garments and two accessories per shipment for $59 a month (with unlimited shipments).

CharmPosh.com the leading Millennials Parents and Kids Lifestyle Media recently revealed new rules for how-to get Millennial moms to shop till they drop for the Christmas Holiday 2015 season and beyond.

Christmas Holiday 2015 Rules For Targeting Millennials As Parents from CharmPosh.com:

#1. Online and Mobile Platforms The best way to reach Millennials as Parents for the Holiday 2015 season will be using online and mobile apps. Millennials parenting kids love to conduct research online and review top lists for best Christmas toys and offers.

#2. Online Brand Advocate Sponsorship Learn to market with Millennials as Parents over marketing only to them. Online Brand Advocate Sponsorship is a solution to transform Millennials as Parents into customers. This Holiday 2015 season turn Millennials parenting kids into brand advocates by providing entertaining and informative content they will want to buy and share among their peers.

#3. Transparency Marketing Promotions Always make the experience fun and honest when promoting Holiday 2015 goods and services to Millennials as Parents. The one way to win this audience is to provide trustworthy open communications.



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