Recently, I gave 7 PR tips for luxury brands considering suicide before jumping. A lot of luxury brands are thinking about calling it quits because of the economic recession. So, the tips were meant to inspire and point those luxury brands needing a little help in the right direction.

Now, by popular demand we have started to receive requests for more direction on how luxury brands can survive the economic downtime. I have said this a thousand times and maybe I will stop when it sticks, luxury is a perception. Many luxury brands are failing to thrive in this recession because they truly don’t know how to establish a presence in the market to sustain.

We examined some of the top PR seminars on the market and it appears that there is something really missing to help luxury brands survive the economic downtime. Even more urgently, there is no direction showing luxury brands how-to thrive in a recession.

The biggest problem that luxury lifestyle brands are facing is negative media influences. Most luxury brands are not even prepared or trained on how to deal with this crisis. Economic conditions have caused a crisis situation that prevents luxury brands from competing effectively.

Mosnar Communications, Inc plans to implement seminars exclusively targeted toward luxury brands. Most luxury brands will tell you the one thing that they need is brand exposure. To achieve brand exposure, luxury brands must establish a presence in the marketplace for sustainability.

Publicity Power For Luxury Brands – How-to Survive A Recession
Exclusively for Luxury Brands: One of Kind “Teleconference Seminar”
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