Who says that major networks can’t get social media savvy and take marketing a TV show to the next level? Well, CBS has done the impossible and actually even made history including Google effects, Twitter and all!

Do you watch the CBS show “How I Met Your Mother”?

Well, after Monday night you may not have watched the show before now. However, after all of the social media buzz you most likely will tune in this coming Monday for the next episode.

CBS introduced a fictional character by the name of Lorenzo Von Matterhorn, played by Neil Patrick Harris. The show made up the character as an alias to Barney in an attempt to pick up women.

You can follow Barney’s blog

Lorenzo Von Matterhorn even had a Wikipedia page before it was deleted. Lalate.com gives details about what the Wikipedia page said before it was deleted.

To add to all of the Internet fame Neil Patrick Harris joined Twitter and picked up 33,121 followers in seven hours. He became a hot Google trending topic!

Follow Neil on Twitter @ActuallyNPH

Catch “How I Met Your Mother” Mondays 8/7C

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