This is a follow up article to the original article that I wrote over two years ago. The first article was titled “The Secret To Make Oprah Winfrey Call About Your Small Business” which was released on several popular article websites. Additionally, the same article has been picked up and published on tons and tons of websites and blogs.

So what is different about how-to get a phone call from Oprah today for your small business? One call from Oprah could still be the biggest promotional endorsement of a lifetime! However, a lot of things have changed in two years; mainly the economy is in a slump. Much of the advice that I gave is still consistent to land on Oprah’s couch to chat about your small business.

In my first article I educated small businesses about why Oprah Winfrey would be interested in their business model. As I stressed Oprah Winfrey is self made and she loves businesses with strong story lines attached. What is different today is that the storyline about your business must be newsworthy matched to what the media considers is newsworthy. You must be able to capture media attention from different outlets; local newspapers, blogs, magazines, etc.

I focused small businesses on the importance of creating local news from their unique business niches and approaches. This is the solution to make Oprah find you first by standing out in the crowd. As I related, after all she will never take your calls no matter how many times you call!

While the examples I gave were two years ago, they could very well be used today. “Local Realtors should offer niche services that will gather local press attention. An example would be to hold a seminar on how to help baby boomers solve housing problems. Find a niche that makes your business standout and pitch it for media attention. A Bankruptcy Attorney could hold a free seminar on how to reorganize debt keying in on national crisis like stopping foreclosures, etc.”

Two years ago I listed only press releases as a little known secret to make Oprah find small businesses. Press releases are still powerful tools to create publicity and attract Oprah; today social media is just as powerful. Sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Youtube etc. can generate enough publicity to make the Queen of Media Oprah Winfrey call about your small business.

You likely clicked on this article because it presented a solution for something you want. It may have even been forwarded to you from a trusted referral or source. However you received this article it was by no accident and I would like to teach you how to generate the exact same interest in your small business.

Today I am offering my system to help small businesses seeking to capture media attention to grow their businesses.

Small Business Media Development

Here is what you get:

– How-to Identify Newsworthy Storylines for Small Business “Make Google News!”
– How-to Define a Unique Business Niche and Approach for Small Business
– Ideas for Newsworthy Events for Small Business Publicity
– Tips to Use Social Media for Small Business Exposure (Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Youtube, etc)

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