The reference that “there is an app for that” holds true. Today you can find a mobile software application, otherwise known as an App to solve almost every problem on the go. So why would it not also be easy for luxury apps to hook up sexy older women with hot successful but younger yummy type guys? What are Yummies Yummy type guys? “Catch up” find out more about yummies yummy men.

Where do luxury apps who specialize in cougar dating want to be? That’s simple they go to Apple to be featured on the App Store and on iTunes! A very specialized small community of luxury apps who are focused on cougar dating. Unlike other app markets on the App Store the world of cougar dating apps is small and niche when compared to other applications.

The Cougar Dates Online franchise is leading the luxury apps connecting hot older women to younger successful good looking guys. No longer is it the norm that rich older women take care of younger men… A new concept that is killing the “Boy Toy” theory.

With an series of two relationship apps focused on cougar dating and one leading women’s interest digital magazine network app for cougar dating. Cougar Dates Online franchise is the global leader in the cougar dating mobile arena.

Luxury Apps For Cougar Dating

The Cougar – #1 Cougar Dating Magazine

The Cougar 1 Cougar Dating Magazine

Photo credits Apple App Store iTunes.

Cougar Dates Online App  

Cougar Dates Online App

Cougar Dates Online App UK 

Cougar Dates Online App UK


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