Luxury brands are out to nab the next HOT target audience. This time luxury brands are not targeting the usual middle-aged woman with a fancy for high-end shopping. No, they are out to attract and engage urban luxury males with an unpretentious demand for ultra luxury goods and services.

Mosnar Suitsupply Spring Summer 2014Suitsupply Spring Summer 2014 Photo credit Suitsupply

Not only are luxury brands competing for the Yummy or Yummies (Young Urban Males) so are beautiful attractive young women. The young urban male profiling the title as a Yummie is the twenty-something successful guy not looking to get married anytime soon. He would much rather spend time traveling and money on exclusive luxury goods and services. As a married man a Yummie could not enjoy such luxury pleasures. Having a family would require spending on family expenses over individual wants.

HSBC Yummy ReportPhoto credit HSBC

The rise of the Yummie is no longer a secret thanks to three researchers at HSBC. Which identified that the future of retail hangs on these young urban males and their taste for luxury spending. While luxury brands like Coach, Michael Kors, and Burberry had long recognized that Yummies could equal big profits. Even in their luxury ad campaigns they made males a very important part of lifestyle for their brands. Hence, if you failed to add hot urban males in your luxury marketing campaigns you better do so fast.

Michael-Kors-Spring-2014Michael Kors Spring Summer 2014 Photo credit Michael Kors


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Burberry Spring Summer 2014

Burberry Spring Summer 2014 Photo credit Burberry

 The best resource for targeting the Yummie is through mobile communications. Use of smartphones is a strategic plan and approach to communicate with luxury consumers. When it comes to smartphones the Yummie is a leading audience sector for luxury brands. Yummies are very connected to their smartphones and will download an app like Uply Up Breaking News available in the App Store and on iTunes. The Uply Up Breaking News app presents an exclusivity environment centered around not all top news is equal or newsworthy. Curating the most important news topics and subject matter through syndication from top media sources. A stroke to the Yummy ego, who is identified as having self-esteem issues by researchers at HSBC.

Uply Up Breaking News Yummie Mobile Luxury Branding

For the Yummy luxury is a lifestyle of experiences and exclusivity. Luxury brands must focus on creating ultimate experiences and content engagement influence. Building stronger brand awareness and influential credibility must be at the center of luxury PR campaigns to target and attract the young urban male.

If luxury brands position their campaigns on luxury content marketing engagement they will create a sustainable business model to gain the Yummy as a lifetime customer. When it comes to brand loyalty men are easily won over with lifetime membership V.I.P status. These luxury marketing strategies work very well.

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