The best way to turn up brand awareness is to hold an event. However, the problem that most companies experience is that after the event or even leading up to the event they receive very little publicity exposure. In fact, many companies report spending more on the event than the return received for the investment. Making the event a flop for marketing and promotions.

Now, some companies are all for buying the event. By that I mean sponsoring events for brand name recognition. This can be costly and hard to measure a positive return on the investment as well. So just how can you score some big publicity with events? You can still get some massive publicity by sponsoring, attending, or having an event. However, the rules have changed.

1. Every Event Must Have A Purpose

This is why most companies who elect to hold an event or even sponsor an event often fail. The event must be centered around the purpose for the event. I need to repeat that, the event must be centered around the purpose for the event. So many companies announce an event and then forget all about the purpose.

2. Provide Educational Resources

Equally as important as centering the event around the purpose will be to provide educational resources. Educate those attending the event on features and benefits related to the purpose of the event. What is it that your company does and why the purpose for the event is important in the company’s mission.

This concept increases brand awareness and influences recognition of the company’s support for the purpose.

3. Launch Specialized Social Media Promotions For The Event

Increase the sustainability to grow into a yearly planned event. Launch specialized social media promotions just for the event on Facebook, Twitter, so on. Engage friends and followers with updated information leading up to the event.

4. Launch A Luxury PR Campaign Promoting The Event

The fastest way to get publicity for an event is to launch an press release about the event. How well planned out the press release is can make or break the publicity exposure the event receives. There should be a series of press releases leading up to the event. Make sure to not use fluff but make the press releases informative centered around the purpose for the event.

Many companies wait too late to start generating media attention for events. Ideally, the luxury PR campaign should start six months before the event.

5. Build Marketing Relationships For The Event

Focus on building relationships with other companies to gain exposure highlighting the purpose for the event. Seek local online resources to build relationships with to support the purpose for the event such as luxury blogs, luxury portals, luxury websites, luxury brands, etc. This is the ultimate secret to getting massive publicity for events! Building relationships with local online sources who already have an audience will help to create massive exposure for the event.

6. Pitch The Event To Local Media

Pitching local media can provide tons of free publicity exposure for events. Contact local magazines, radio, television, newspaper, etc.

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