Remember the days of waiting lists to pre-order and then wait months for luxury bags to arrive? Well, the past returns to the future and the “It” bag is back in a big way. So how do luxury brands make their bags the most wanted and hottest in demand? Simple, publicity!
For spring and summer 2010 the IT bag returns. Creating a big craze and excitement for a bag is what puts it in demand. Many major luxury brands gift celebrities as seeds to attract interest in consumer demands. However, there are new channels that allow emerging luxury brands (that would be someone new and unheard of) to attract the same sort of excitement using social media.
Can’t wait to see the hot picks and most wanted arrivals.
Would you like some help creating some publicity buzz for an IT bag? Please contact me in confidence at .

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  1. Afterglow Cosmetics says:

    I love the bag here…it looks so chic and stylish.Black is a general color and suits pretty much every occasion.

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