Without question one of the most touching moments during the 82nd Academy Awards for me personally was the honor for Gabourey Sidibe. In classic Oprah Winfrey style she introduced Gabourey Sidibe to the world. By citing her name at the beginning Winfrey made sure to acknowledge to us that Gabourey Sidibe is in Hollywood and she is a star.
As Winfrey related it, Sidibe her Gabby is a true American Cinderella story. Examining Sidibe’s celebrity brand will predict her future is so bright the she will need to wear shades. You know as all Hollywood A-List so often do. Already Sidibe has over 1 million Google index pages. She now has a Wikipedia page that refers to her as an American actress. It would appear that dreams do come true.
Even Sandra Bullock during her acceptance speech for best actress in a leading role announced her love for Sidibe. Hollywood welcomes Gabourey “Gabby” Sidibe! A new leading lady that has stolen hearts around the world.
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