The Hôtel de Ville presents “Paris Haute Couture” exhibition highlighting Parisian couture houses. Dating back first to the mid-19th century focusing on 100 dresses, suits, and gowns on show. Without question when you think of Haute Couture, Paris will come to mind. Paris is rich in fashion legacy able to survive a decline in the 1950s as a result of the youthquake baby-boomer.

Forming the development of the ready to wear lifestyle luxury branding concept. A result between 1946 and 1967 of mass decline in the demand for Paris couture houses which plummeted from more than 100 to  only 19. There are only 20 Paris couture houses today. This may be in part due to the lack of heritage to enter the marketplace.

The exhibition, on until July 6, only begins to tap into the riches of the Galliera museum’s meticulously conserved collection of some 10,000 signed haute-couture pieces. In trying to document around 150 years of couture history with limited space and a mere 100 garments.

Christian Lacroix “Coup de roulis” evening wear, fall 1991

Christian Lacroix Coup de roulis evening wear, fall 1991

Christian Dior “Palmyre” evening dress, fall 1952

Christian Dior Palmyre evening dress, fall 1952


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