Google still drives more referral traffic for luxury brands over any other social media platform! Instagram is not driving massive traffic to luxury brand websites, despite all the hype and big paychecks to social media influencers

While Instagram certainly wins for making luxury brands “appear highly visual” among social media platforms. Which it can also be confirmed Instagram is the most popular social media platform in terms of engagement for luxury.

Luxury Brands Still Need Google

Gigi Hadid for Messika Jewelry Campaign

Social media only drives 7.4 percent of traffic to luxury brand sites. With that small percentage social media is still the second largest source of website traffic for luxury brand sites. 

Then why are luxury brands so focused on their social media followers?

Every luxury brand wants to look engaging and very influential these days. Attracting tons of fans and followers in social media is a public broadcast for dominance.

However, at the end of the day luxury brands will have to evaluate their engagement appeal over revenue earnings. 

Top sources for driving traffic to luxury brand websites: 

  • Google 48 percent
  • Social Media 7.4 percent 
  • Facebook 3.5 percent 
  • YouTube 2.1 percent 

When it comes to traffic referrals Google tops at 48 percent. Proving that online search from digital sites can be greater than social media platforms. 

“Luxury brands might want to rethink those multimillion dollar sponsorships to social media influencers!” 

A social media influencer with even millions of followers, is likely to only drive no more than 7.4 percent of traffic back to a luxury brand site. 

More luxury brands are still obsessed with their amount of social media followers. This is measured in luxury campaigns and even advertising spend.

It’s seriously time for luxury brands to rethink their use of social media platforms today. As social media is still an important part of engagement. Too much attention is spent on social media followers and not enough focus on online digital search (the lion’s share) for driving traffic to luxury brand sites. 

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