The demand for luxury couture technology is on the rise. More luxury consumers are wanting technology offerings with luxurious lifestyle enhancements. Luxury public relations campaigns allow for luxury marketers to communicate the value of luxurious couture technology goods. Couture designs with technology presents solutions to improve upon quality of life. An emotional engagement that adds value to lifestyle practice.

Luxury marketers are better understanding how to introduce luxury couture technology in the marketplace. Improving lifestyle elements with design concepts through technology experiences. Creating products that combines technology and design freedom.


Hi Tech Couture

#HighTechCouture Genesis Technologies

Genesis Technologies can claim credit for this unique concept. It presents a new paradigm in quality, aesthetics and performance in the home entertainment arena. Hi Tech Couture is equally at home in any residential setting, yacht or private plane and embraces the highest values in integrated design for the discerning client. Custom Installation through technical advances in home cinema and music create fresh opportunties for stunning design and performance. Yet few companies offer a total solution, encompassing ease of use, technical brilliance and exquisite design.



Photo credits Genesis Technologies


Luxury Smartphones by Savelli

Luxury Smartphones by Savelli #LuxuryCoutureTechnology

Photo credit Savelli

Designed for women, each phone is handmade in Switzerland, crafted as if it were a precious piece of jewelery. It is decorated with gold finishes, sparkling white diamonds, and a stunningly clear Ultra-Bombé sapphire crystal screen. Slick fusion of form and function, Alessandro Savelli elevates the humble Smartphone to haute couture status with his 11-piece collection of statement mobile phones.

Savelli is one seriously fashionable name to know right now. The phone is powered by the Google Android system with all the key apps you use daily, the phones feature a range of luxury finishes including exotic python and ostrich skins, 18kt rose gold and high-tech, non-scratch ceramic. Julia Restoin Roitfeld appears in the luxury media ad campaign, as the brand’s muse. Available at Harrods.


Capitol Couture

#Capitol Couture

Photo credit Capitol Couture

Chroma Nouveau reveals a victorious celebration of Capitol life through fashion and culture. Available at Capitol Couture.

Spa Le Bristol By La Prairie

Spa Le Bristol By La Prairie

Photo credit Spa Le Bristol By La Prairie


A haute couture spa experience that is partially bathed in natural light and opening onto an interior garden. Visit Spa Le Bristol.


Mercedes-Benz Style Coupe Concept

Mercedes-Benz Style Coupe Concept

Photo credits Mercedes-Benz


Sets a benchmark for design connecting in-car technology through cloud computing.

Mercedes-Benz Style Coupe Concept 2

Mercedes-Benz Style Coupe Concept 3


Clive Christian Kitchen

Clive Christian Kitchen

Photo credit Clive Christian

The Clive Christian Alpha kitchen painted in classic English white. Available at Clive Christian.


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