If your man is overgenerous when it comes to gifting you luxury goods, products, and services that could be a very good thing for the relationship. In fact, if you often receive designer luxury handbags this is a sign of a strong committed romance. Your luxury handbag and the value of it represents to the world that you own his heart and to back off your man. Sending a strong signal to romantic rivals that they don't stand a chance to take your man ever.


According to a recent research conducted by Carlson School of Management through a series of five experiments featuring 649 women, the average woman acquires three new handbags a year. When it comes to spending on luxury products Americans spend over $250 billion on luxury goods just for women. They say “it's cheaper to keep her,” so you might as well make her happy.


Burberry AW 2013


Sienna Miller and Tom Sturridge Burberry AW 2013 Photo credit Burberry


Through the experimental study researchers discovered a theory, just by women flaunting designer products it signals to back off my man, “dames!” Okay, “I added the dames.” The explored theory that the luxury handbag can make such a strong statement is amazing. Researchers demonstrate that the presence of the designer luxury handbag reveals that the man is a devoted partner and romantic rivals would have a hard time winning his heart. While some may like a challenge, most potential rivals opt to move to the next prey.


Rich women will often stress to you “young hot girls will sleep with your husband just for a designer luxury handbag.” The lifestyle perception of the designer luxury handbag is deeply represented in the status for relationships among affluent high net-worth individuals. So, the bag you rock reveals everything about your relationship status.


It's no wonder certain “IT” designer luxury handbags have waiting lists. Smile if you know you got this one in the bag….

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