The hottest luxury right now is the purchase of London homes. A demand for luxury real estate continues to grow rapidly around the world. Now all eyes are on London luxurious homes for many reasons. When you think of luxury, you think London is luxury.


According to Marsh & Parsons Ltd now the average value of luxury homes for central London has surpassed 2 million pounds. Which is $3 million U.S. dollars, taking into consideration the value of the dollar versus the euro. This is the first time in the second quarter that more purchasers have competed for smaller number of properties in the marketplace in London.


Jason Alden Bloomberg

Riverside Quarter development in the Wandsworth district of London. Photo credit Jason Alden/Bloomberg


With this increase of demand and limited supply property prices are increasing faster. More buyers are ready to move on making purchases and properties are going for closer to the asking price because of the demand needed.


Who are London luxury home buyers?


The majority of purchases for London luxury homes are coming from investors overseas. A demand for London homes has created a spike in property value for central London homes. Approximately, 38% percent of prime central London properties are now valued at or above 2 million pounds ($3 million U.S. Dollars). When Marsh & Parsons Ltd conducted their research they looked at properties in Chelsea, Kensington, Notting Hill, Holland Park and Pimlico collecting data to evaluate.


London luxury homes are in hot demand and driving the luxury marketplace at the same time.



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