Luxury marketing trends for 2019 will be all about how to survive the slowdown. Smart luxury brands will focus on improving their online presence and co-branding with established websites that already have niche audiences to reach luxury consumers.

Luxury Marketing Trends For 2019

Luxury Marketing Trends For 2019 Mosnar Communications

These are the top luxury marketing trends for 2019, take your luxury brand to the next level.

What’s Out? 

Instagram staging is out, luxury consumers are not buying the luxury lifestyle fakeness of influencers on the gram. Sorry, but luxury brands will need to discover more ways to effectively utilize Instagram to connect with high-end consumers.

Drastic changes for the new year in the luxury market will force luxury brands to seek new alternative methods for using social media.  

What’s In?

Planning and inspiration, making Pinterest the hottest corner of the Internet (really, Pinterest is a search engine).

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Pinterest is going to be the place to be and be seen for luxury brands. However, creating content for Pinterest will also require more skill sets to connect organically, as well as when using paid advertisement.

Expect more brands to partner with websites that already have a strong Pinterest organic following.

Exclusivity Returns 

Luxury Exclusivity Mosnar Communications

As more luxury consumers seek more security and privacy, the need for exclusivity will finally return to the luxury market.

Finally, luxury will no longer be for the masses and luxury brands will need to define their true position in the marketplace.

Digital E-Commerce Rules

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Digital online selling through e-commerce platforms is going to rule revenue growth. Luxury brands must dedicate more efforts towards selling luxury goods online.

Expect more luxury brands to partner with established niche websites for e-commerce listings. This will allow luxury brands to advertise their listings of luxury goods in e-commerce shopping stores online that link back to their websites for direct purchases.

Popular niche sites like make it easier for luxury brands to advertise in their e-commerce shopping store. 

Ecommerce Listings eCoffeeFinder 

Rich Guilt Will Grow 

Super-rich guilt will grow in the new year and luxury brands will need to work harder to merge the presence of offerings for ultra-luxury in the marketplace. Making wealthy consumers feel less guilty about being rich.

Experiences Drive Revenue 

Experiences will drive the majority of luxury brand revenue. Luxury brands will need to define their luxury goods offer inline with experiences.

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