This is what happens when you rush to embrace without building a strategic plan and approach. Yes, like not using luxury PR to engage and connect with the Chinese luxury audience. It appears that Chinese luxury consumers are reporting that top luxury brands are so last year as if (?) they would be caught dead wearing the hot luxury brand of yesterday.

I continued to warn that luxury PR elements were truly missing from targeting China’s ultra rich. Without building communications it would be impossible for any luxury brand to sustain no matter how old their heritage. The rise of China’s super buying power was an instant pop up culture and it was necessary to build credibility first. This is why luxury PR still works and how young luxury brands can sustain to level the playing field. Even top seasoned luxury brands still need luxury PR….

Daisy Liu epitomizes China’s obsession with luxury brands: her shoes are Guiseppe Zanotti, her brooch Chanel, a floral Hermes scarf is stylishly knotted over one shoulder. She won’t, however, tote a monogrammed Louis Vuitton handbag ever again.

Wealthy shoppers such as Liu are increasingly thumbing their noses at labels they believe have been tainted by the common touch, seeking out under-stated, and exclusive, merchandise from the likes of Chanel or Hermes instead. That is becoming a big challenge for designers hoping to cash in on the world’s fastest growing luxury market.

This should be a hint that luxury brand labels must actively communicate with their target audiences. The niche of luxury is built on relationships and targeted exclusive engagement is the objective to reach the super rich. Who knows it might even wake up the sleeping (dead to the world) U.S. luxury market! can help with a luxury PR campaign please contact or call 1 (404) 416 – 6009. Available for assistance with luxury PR campaigns, luxury marketing, and luxury brand social media. We can tailor a winning luxury PR campaign to fit any size budget. 

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