Luxury PR Style roundup Vol. 1!

Because we know you desire to keep up with the best luxury PR style…

Wake up to wildlife: Asia’s best luxury tented camps

The latest additions include the soon-to-open Cardamom Tented Camp and Bill Bensley-designed Shinta Mani Wild, both in southwest Cambodia, and Rosewood Luang Prabang in the jungles of Laos.

Aston Martin reveals plans for $4 million luxury submarine

The “state-of-the-art” submersible combines the classic design features of Aston Martin‘s cars with Triton’s deep-diving technologies.

This Private Jet Tour Around the World Includes Luxury Hotels at Every Stop (Video)

Plenty of people dream of jet-setting around the world, but very few get to do it. And even fewer get to do it while flying private.

Rolls-Royce shuns a wider portfolio

In what might be perceived as a gentle dig at Aston Martin, which has announced a luxury submersible, and Bentley which sells furniture, Rolls-Royce CEO Torsten Müller-Ötvös told Drive “Our company doesn’t need in any way brand awareness, and to stretch into hotel suites equipped with Rolls-Royce chairs or whatever, that’s not the business.

Manhattan’s Luxury Market Retreats

The ultraluxury apartment market in Manhattan fell back down to earth in the third quarter, while the rest of the market saw modest gains in sales and rising prices, according to industry reports.

The median sales price of new development, which is dominated by luxury apartments, dropped 23 percent to $2.8 million, compared with the same period last year, according to a report by Douglas Elliman.

What Shrinking Store Counts Say About the Luxury Industry’s Future

For the first time ever, net luxury store growth over the last 12 months was negative with more closures than openings.

Does the Next It Bag Come in Paper or Plastic?

Bags tend to be seen as investment pieces: The Birkin, for instance, is more valuable than gold. Bags, especially expensive ones, have long been sacred accessories, objects of obsession. They come in crocodile. Horsehair. Leather. A person can wear a scrappy outfit, but if she has a good bag, she’s set, polished. 

How Loro Piana rewrote the rules of luxury sportswear

“Everybody who loves horse riding is a potential Loro Piana customer as our audience are active professionals who work hard and play hard. They are people who love nature and have a sport they follow,” Mr Loro Piana explains. “At a board meeting they have to be dressed in a good suit but they also have needs in their casual wear so I take care of them Monday to Monday.”

Luxury Brands Are Beating Mass-Market Brands Across Social Media

Luxury campaigns perform better than mass brands’ efforts across social media, influencer marketing agency HelloSociety recently reported.

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