Okay, I must admit I have become very extremely lazy with my blog posts because of all of the easy social media communications. And I must say I have noticed many luxury brands using social media in a lazy manner too these days.

I myself have been depending mostly on Twitter and Stumbleupon to spread my news, who even needs a press release these days right? And poor Digg? I almost forgot about you.

I know it may seem like a very easy solution to ditch traditional PR. But imagine how effective an explosive Tweet that continues to get Re-Tweets could be accompanied by a powerful newsworthy press release, with some major Digg credibility and Stumbleupon thumbs up! Do you get my point?

Luxury PR Tips: Why You Still Need to Blog about It, Even If You Gave It a Stumble Thumbs Up and Twitter Tweet

1. Write newsworthy press releases – Make sure to engage the media with subject matter by releasing NEWS.

2. Promote press releases – Link to press releases on social media sites to create buzz online surrounding news.

3. Blog about press releases – Expand on press releases in blog posts, connect with your target audiences.

Remember branding luxury in a struggling economy will require that you become more proactive.

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