The Grand Del Mar

If this is not a sign of the times that luxury social media is the best way to connect and engage with ultra luxury consumers. is leveraging the power of upscale social media and offering an avenue for luxury hotels to connect with niche audiences. Introducing The World’s Best Luxury Hotels…..

The JustLuxe Hotel Collection celebrates the World’s Best Hotels by offering partners a new way to improve upon current hotel marketing initiatives. In its continuing quest to connect luxury hoteliers with affluent travelers, the luxury travel experts have developed and employed a unique strategy known as aesthetic distribution.

Designed to feature the hotel’s most vivid imagery, the newly enhanced template encourages social engagement and provides direct response tools as a means to measure results. The customized template allows luxury hotels to reach their target audience on a consumer level, engage with social media fans, as well as facilitate bookings through an online GDS-powered booking engine.

“Our hotel partners understand the need to be social and are investing more and more time into developing their social media channels,” said Robert Gautereaux, Director of Travel Sales Acquisitions. “In addition to pushing traffic directly to their site, we drive traffic to their Facebook and Twitter pages, and feature stunning high-resolution images that are likely to become popular on Pinterest.”

With a portfolio of more than 1,700 luxury hotel partners, the JustLuxe Hotel Collection is dedicated to providing partners with new, innovative ways to increase online visibility. As an added value to editorial coverage, preferred city guide placement, targeted banner ads, and dedicated call-center tracking, the new enhancements maximize the ongoing effort to create brand awareness.

The company has recently expanded its efforts by introducing the World’s Best Hotels, a collection of enhanced hotel listings designed to increase brand awareness and social presence while maintaining high standards of luxury. JustLuxe has extended its methods of aesthetic distribution to the most relevant sections across the site, from its new luxury travel and hotel news sections, to its extensive collection of Best Spa Resorts and Best Family Hotels.

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