Yet again, Google has managed to create an amazing meeting place for exclusive niche environments. Luxury brands tend to thrive better in Google+ which allows for more exclusive engagement. Ideally, luxury consumers are also interested in local retail engagement which Google+ is able to meet this demand….

Simply Measured today announced Ferrari, GUCCI and H&M rank as the top brands on Google+, with the strongest levels of consumer engagement across all Interbrand Top 100 brands. The company’s quarterly study of the top global companies on Google+ shows exponential growth in participation among brands and consumers, with a 138 percent circler increase across all pages since February 2012.

Today, 64 percent of the Interbrand 100 now maintain Google+ brand pages, including Nike and Xerox, who launched pages this quarter. There has also been a shift in brand engagement, with luxury, automotive and electronics brands leading the way. Overall, average weekly fan engagement is up 112 percent over the previous quarter, with average content engagement also up 65 percent.

“With a user base surpassing 100 million and growing fast, Google+ is becoming an attractive channel for brands to engage with consumers,” said Adam Schoenfeld, CEO at Simply Measured. “Based on this most recent quarter, luxury and automotive brands are clearly finding Google+ to be an effective way to connect with consumers. It will be interesting to watch the data unfold as we near the one-year anniversary of the platform.”

The Simply Measured Google+ study evaluates brands and verticals included in the Interbrand 100, identifying key trends and strategies companies use to engage with consumers through social media. Current findings include:

— Circles Are Expanding — There was a 138 percent increase in circles across all pages over the last quarter, demonstrating that brands are getting more active and consumers are getting more comfortable with the platform.

— Top Industries are Shifting — While electronics continues to rank as a top industry for the second quarter in a row, automotive and luxury verticals have overtaken beverages and internet services.

— H&M Maintains Momentum, Luxury Brands Take Lead Position — For the second quarter in a row, H&M ranked as one of the top three brands, behind Ferrari and GUCCI which now rank in first and second place, respectively. In addition, Nike and Xerox both launched brand pages over the last quarter and will be brands to watch.

— Multimedia Content Dominates — Video and photos are the most frequently posted content and drive the strongest engagement. Overall average content engagement is up 65 percent.

Simply Measured helps brands glean actionable insights from their social media efforts, closing the gap between casual conversations and measurable outcomes. The company’s enterprise solution allows organizations to closely track and analyze engagement on their Google+ pages and compare channel performance with Twitter and Facebook activities for a comprehensive view of their social media presence. From these reports, brands can measure the success of social media campaigns, analyze their competitive position and target messages appropriately based on a variety of data points (such as circle volume, post type and content ranking).

To view the full study, visit: Google+ 6 Month Engagement Report

To access a free evaluation of your Google+ presence, visit: Simply Measured Google+ Free Report

How is your luxury brand doing in social media?

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