Luxury Travel focus will require work for agents to get more bookings in 2019. This is what you need to know to stay ahead of the competition for getting more bookings and increase revenue earnings for your luxury travel agency all year long.

The Problem

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Hot travel destinations get booked quickly and further in advance. With social media photos going viral it’s easier to determine which locations will be hot travel destinations in the future among the masses. However, do keep in mind luxury is not intended for the masses!

Social media darlings like the “Kardashian – Jenner” travelers with their K squad power are able to influence the masses and transform which travel destinations will be the next hot spots with the click of a selfie destination backdrop!

Prompting people to plan for booking buzz words travel destinations. Just by researching trending social media hashtags.

Availability remains a constant problem for many hot destinations. When you don’t book months ahead of time in advance, luxury hotels are completely booked for top travel destinations.

Luxury Travel Tips For Agencies

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To be successful in 2019, luxury travel agencies will need to disrupt the rules for impact and exclusive influence.

We tell our content marketing VIP clients that are also luxury travel agencies, to be successful in the luxury travel space is much easier than they might think.

Don’t compete with the masses, while they should still stay up on trends. It is more important to understand that luxury travelers are not interested in the ordinary or ever going where the masses are going!

You can win more business by planning further ahead and following destination trends to provide better experiences and superior alternative solutions to avoid the masses.

Recreating a higher-end travel experience for area destinations or better alternatives.

We work with travel agencies to create content marketing engagement through travel guides that inform and educate target audiences.

Luxury travelers are more interested in being well informed, this also allows them to make better decisions to have ultimate travel experiences.

Creating lifestyle benefits for travel destination preferences. Luxury travel agencies are able to get more bookings on impulse by creating travel guides that explain advance booking perks.

When business class travelers are informed about booking 6 to 9 months ahead of time to receive the best fares likely they will want to book earlier.

There is competition among the business class and leisure market, using content marketing strategies a luxury travel agency could get more bookings by creating travel guides.

This same approach can also be used for cruise travel destinations.

Content marketing strategies give luxury travel agencies an advantage over hotels and OTA (online travel agencies).

Big brand luxury hotels and OTAs have budgets that allow them to do massive advertising and reach potential luxury travelers to stay relevant.

It’s still content marketing strategies that win over funnel and lead pages, these types of websites are also getting hit hard in the search engines. To be successful at online marketing funnels and lead capture opportunities must contain content marketing methodology.

Facebook ads don’t convert to bookings, content marketing informs and works to educate the luxury consumer by influencing conversion rates.

Social media pictures engage, but content marketing converts when it comes to luxury travel bookings.

Top Travel Destinations

Content marketing will help luxury travel agencies to scale and attract more clients to book through their expert knowledge of hot travel destinations.

Turn trendsetter lifestyle into content marketing opportunities.

Top 10 International Travel Destinations For 2019

Luxury Travel Tips For Agencies Mosnar Communications

  • Italy is # 1
  • Iceland is # 2
  • Japan is # 3
  • Vietnam is # 4
  • Australia is # 5
  • France is # 6
  • Spain is # 7
  • Colombia is # 8
  • Cambodia is # 9
  • Portugal is # 10

Creating travel guides in focus areas of top “destinations” travel, wellbeing “wellness” travel and experience “experiential” travel can connect luxury travel agencies to luxury travel consumers ready to book the latest top destination trends.

MC is ready to help your luxury travel agency get more bookings in 2019! We have monthly content marketing package rates starting at $2,750 or one-time flat fee rates for content marketing projects starting at $3,750.

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