The race is on and 2015, well it’s all about the luxury watch experience. When it comes to luxury watches the experience will present an greater connection to luxury than any other industry offering in history. Defining what is an luxury watch will be the positioning advantage for every luxury watchmaker in the industry. It’s anybody’s gain at this point and for the very first time no amount of fluff publicity or paid celebrity endorsements will position a luxury watchmaker at the top. And, “well” we must admit “love it”.

While some so called luxury industry experts are advising on how-to sell luxury watches sadly much of the information and reports are misguided. So in hot pursuit to gain credibility luxury watchmakers are trying to court paid celebrity endorsements without building relationships.

Luxury Watch

First off, targeting how-to sell luxury watches can not be summed up in a trends report or predictions for 2015. Even more problematic is influence for celebrity endorsements can’t be the traditional old school methods. Luxury watch buying is a sport for the super rich and savvy “want to be” luxury shoppers (not rich but knows how-to shop rich). In fact, the luxury watch consumer just might be one of the most intelligent buyers in the marketplace.

Along comes Watchville an seemingly well defined app curating all the best industry news for luxury watches. Should we all be following this app to see what’s relevant? It’s certainly worth checking to stay well informed about watch news.

Watchville MosnarCommunicationsphoto credit Apple

Now pops up Apple the most anticipated luxury watchmaker entry for 2015. Will Apple’s smartwatch be about wearable art that influences buyers forcing a demand in the luxury marketplace? One thing for certain Apple has built well deserved credibility for pioneering the smartwatch. Already in control of smart luxury technology with the world’s prettiest App Store… Luxury is beautiful, we all have to credit Apple for understanding this in the marketplace.

Apple Smartwatch MosnarCommunications

photo credit Apple

Where do other luxury watchmakers fit in the luxury smartwatch marketplace? It’s still plenty room and is certainly at this point anybody’s gain to take the reign at the top. French luxury goods company LVMH has even made plans to launch a smartwatch under the Tag Heuer brand. Additionally, other buzz around smartwatch developments for major watchmaker brands are brewing.

The important elements that will make luxury watchmakers standout will be centered around emphasis on personalization for ultimate experiences. Winning brand ambassadors by capturing real buyers to develop genuine endorsement partnerships. Focusing on expression, quality of lifestyle enhancements through creating custom brand engagement experiences. Implement luxury content marketing strategies for targeting and actually reaching the super rich through influential luxury media outlets. Use communications that super rich hold with high authority such as exclusive email campaigns, digital magazine apps, VIP events, product education forums, and so on. offers luxury and brand management assistance. Partner with us on sponsoring series of luxury watch content marketing starting at only $1,950 monthly. Luxury consulting services start at only $7,500 monthly. For more information please contact us in confidence send inquiry to or call (404) 416-6009, in trust.

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