Twitter is primarily the best social media platform to reveal luxury news through digital content marketing.

It’s also the best place for luxury brands to inform target audiences with innovative luxury news storytelling engagement for selling luxury goods later.

Most importantly Twitter should not be used as a social media platform to sell luxury goods.

In fact, no social media platform should be used to sell luxury goods. Social media works best for engagement purposes only.

Still wondering why so many luxury brands pay celebrities and influencers to promote their products on social media platforms, in hopes of selling luxury goods??

Since we talking about Twitter, the focus will be on this social media platform.

HOW MC Attracts Wealthy Followers On Twitter With Luxury News Storytelling Mosnar Communications

The reason that a luxury brand will pay celebrities and influencers to promote products on Twitter is to start their digital content marketing conversation “engagement” for selling luxury goods later!

So how did MC manage to attract mostly wealthy Twitter followers, the top elite big spenders online using Twitter? 

Here is what our actual Twitter account analysis looks like behind the scenes for specifically the MC platform. Also note, every Twitter profile has an analysis overview to evaluate and measure insight. 

MC Attract Wealthy Twitter Followers Mosnar Communications

At values based on a 10.3% match rate from Twitter partners, the MC platform Twitter profile channel has been able to attract followers with Net Worth of $100,000 – $1,000,000 at a 30% percent rate. 

Most influencers or even celebrities are unable to attract a 30% rate of followers on Twitter with a Net Worth of $100,000 to $1,000,000 on their Twitter profile. 

Having millions of followers on Twitter may not best connect a luxury brand through engagement to reach their desired target audience, with the income potential to buy luxury goods. 

Which is why many luxury brands were not open to social media platforms in the beginning. However, it is very necessary for all luxury brands to use social media engagement in their digital content marketing strategies. 
MC does also attract a 28% following on Twitter with Net Worth of $1 –  $100,000, this is not our main target audience. 

Where the MC platform Twitter profile channel only attracts 3% of followers on Twitter with a Net Worth of $2,500 – $24,999. Which is certainly not our desired target audience. 

Secrets To Attract Twitter Followers With 1 Million Dollars Net Worth Mosnar Communications

MC appeals most to luxury brands, luxury agencies, luxury PR companies, luxury marketing firms, and luxury brand ambassadors for our ability to attract Twitter followers with a Net Worth of $1 Million and up. 

This attributes to the reason why the MC platform when it comes to content marketing for luxury PR is dominating the competition. Learn more about MC’s net worth at Owler.

Astonishing to some (not to us) the MC platform Twitter profile channel attracts 13% of Twitter followers with a Net Worth of $1,000,000 – $1,999,999 and 11% of Twitter followers with a Net Worth of $2,000,000+ on Twitter

MC Attract Wealthy Twitter Followers Mosnar Communications 1
This is a real-time caption taken inside Twitter analysis for the MC platform Twitter profile.

MC also attracts a small percentage of Twitter followers at 3% with Net Worth of $100,000 to $149,000 and $150,000 to $249,000 on Twitter.

Be sure to follower MC on Twitter!

Here are some of the relevant tips MC use to attract wealthy Twitter followers.

Step 1 is to build an authoritative digital content marketing strategy for luxury news storytelling engagement.

This is something we do at MC for our platform and for agencies as well as luxury brands.

A Twitter profile for a luxury offer must be about building trustworthy engagement and creating an authoritative approach to telling a luxury brand’s story. 

Step 2 should be to always include exclusivity!

Luxury news storytelling is not meant for the masses and this is how MC use our expertise to attract a loyal following of wealthy Twitter followers.

Make sure that your luxury news storytelling includes exclusivity engagement on Twitter to attract desired luxury audiences. 

Step 3 should be to build a cult following of super-rich Twitter followers.

Don’t seek to attract the masses when it comes to attracting Twitter followers. Focus on engaging your desired target audience of the wealthy elite the most.

Step 4  submit luxury news on best-matched platforms for luxury press releases to increase brand awareness and exposure to build credibility.

Having luxury news to share works best when content appears on luxury press release platforms.

Step 5 Distribute and promote luxury news content and links to credible luxury press release platforms for a Twitter profile to engage luxury audiences.

Twitter is a magnet for news and niche content about luxury news through credible luxury press release platforms that can go out as a Tweet on Twitter!

Which often attract others interested in the subject matter of luxury news to ReTweet links from a credible luxury press release platform.

Submit luxury news to MC Luxury Press Release platform today!

Would you like some help with your social media engagement and especially attracting wealthy followers on Twitter?? 

If you are interested in hiring MC to help attract wealthy followers on Twitter or other social media platforms, please contact us in confidence to or call us to schedule an appointment phone conference at (404)-806-0548 for a complimentary consultation.

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