When it comes to blogging those who focus on media and marketing are at the top of their game. In fact, the Ad Age Power 150 which profiles top ranking media and marketing blogs has even been expanded. The list now stops with 690 profiles ranking the bloggers with scores. Complete Ad Age Power 150 List, click here
Interesting I have compiled the net value of the Top 10 media and marketing blogs on Ad Age Power 150 and found a shocking discovery! These blogs are worth millions and could possibly lead the blogging industry for being the most valuable subject matters to blog about. Estimated total value of the blogs in the Top 10 for Ad Age Power 150 is $23,710,680!
sethgodin.typepad.com/, is worth $5,207,316.96
searchengineland.com/, is worth $1,173,678.66
copyblogger.com/, is worth $3,536,278.56
shoemoney.com/, is worth $2,694,549.42
problogger.net/, is worth $4,402,847.46
adsoftheworld.com/, is worth $1,663,699.38
marketingpilgrim.com/, is worth $321,223.26
adrants.com/, is worth $773,419.80
seroundtable.com/, is worth $2,399,859.54
opersuasion.com/, is worth $1,537,806.96
Total = $23,710,680!!

This list was compiled using Dane Carlson’s “How Much Is My Blog Worth?”
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