Starting a new business is an exciting time and great opportunity to secure financial freedom. However, with economic conditions those who would like to start new ventures are most likely worried about the declining economy. The best solution is to select business industries that are recession proof and setup shop.

The trick to surviving an economic downturn is to launch business ideas with concepts that offer creative niches in thriving industries. Present a business concept that focus on products and services that people need and that there is a demand need.
Here are some business ideas to startup that focus on offering services in thriving industries.
1. Wedding Press Coordinator – The wedding industry deals in the business of love and people will always be looking to get married. Offering a service with a niche presents an easy solution to tap into this industry.

Being a wedding press coordinator involves developing media relations and pitching stories surrounding weddings to be covered in the press. To learn more about becoming a wedding press coordinator visit .

2. Foreclosure Consulting Business – Home foreclosures are certainly on the rise and homeowners need trained professionals to help them save their homes. Starting a foreclosure consulting business and serving as a liaison between homeowners and banks to workout solutions to help homeowners stop foreclosures presents a niche service that is in great demand.

To learn more about how to start, run, and operate a foreclosure consulting business visit .
3. Media Communications – Many companies need to create some media buzz to keep their visibility presence up. If their clients, customers, fans, readers, etc don’t hear from them they will forget them. Offering media services is a creative way to help businesses thrive and build a communications niche.

The best solution is to focus on business concepts that will survive in a recession! Don’t forget to always build multiple streams of income.

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