Just as the world is reminded of the punishment for spending what you don’t have by Teresa Giudice receiving 15 months in prison. Along come the biggest spenders who love to promote their ultra wealth. If you thought the Rich Kids of Beverly Hills were super rich…. Get ready to flip out over the Rich Kids of Tehran!

Meet Rich Kids of Tehran

rich kids of tehran 1Photo credits Instagram

Their promotional playground? Well, “where do all rich kids go” to show off? An Instagram account and social media of course…. According to Times of Israel, the account launched in September,  shows young, beautiful and happy Iranians showing off their fast automobiles, expensive timepieces, designer apparel, mansions and fine dining experiences in expensive restaurants. There are no yachts, but a lot of pool party pictures and many miniskirts and bikinis.

I know what you’re thinking, can Iranian women wear miniskirts or bikinis? They can’t in public but the Iranian law mandates do not regulate dress codes in private. So, they are free to wear what they want in private and show off on their Instagram accounts and other social media environments. At least for now that is.

 rich kids of tehran

 Photo credits Instagram


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