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This is the ultimate personalization luxury gift, that can help others with their quality of life and state of being conscious or aware by living in the moment.

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Mindfulness Training Journal is good enough to be recognized on the most respected luxury gift guides from Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop to Kourtney Kardashian’s POOSH or even Oprah Winfrey’s “Oprah’s Favorite Things on Amazon it’s just that great of a gift-giving idea.


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Ranked as a best-seller on Amazon in paperback for Marriage, Meditation (Books), and Textbooks now also available with fast free Prime shipping delivery.

This Mindfulness Training Journal is created to help with focusing on surroundings. Learn how to master mindfulness skills. Start living in the moment and become more aware. Ideal to improve self-awareness and be consistently mindful towards others. The future shows us that one day we will manage machines with just our thoughts. Making it necessary to start developing mind training skills for the future.


The art of Mindfulness is a practice to help clear the mind while being present in the very moment and never focusing on the past or future stressors causing worry. Offering a better solution to help reduce anxiety and stress around you and start focusing on the existing moment and learning to not judge your own thoughts or feelings.


Mindfulness Training Media created by Uply Media, Inc and a team of dedicated researchers is helping to lead the way so please join us in the quest to be ready.

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