According to a recent press release from the vast of celebrities listed among World’s Most Powerful Celebrities – The Celebrity 100 by Forbes are NOT using Twitter effectively. is not associated with the brand and is a resource of extensive research of tools and services to target niche audiences using

So what can celebrities do to improve their Twitter skills? They can make their first stop to visit to learn about the best tools to enhance and improve their Twitter performance. Okay, is not just for celebrities, it can be used by luxury brands, businesses, emerging artists, etc.

Six Things All Celebrities Can Do To Improve Twitter Value:

1. Claim an official Twitter profile, same as with claiming an official website.
2. Use Twitter for research and communications with fans.
3. Start following Twitter profiles that match their specific celebrity profile.
4. Use Twitter followers as resources to help expand on news, events, promotions, etc.
5. Stop only following other celebrities.
6. Learn how-to integrate website tools that enhance and improve Twitter performance.

World’s Most Powerful Celebrities – The Celebrity 100


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