When it comes to luxury PR public relations what matters most is the pitch line to build relationships. Without the perfect PR pitch doors will never open to foster the right relationships to gain free publicity for luxury brand clients. So, what this essentially means is that learning how-to improve a PR pitch can result in happy clients and earning more revenue for a luxury PR firm by gaining more business.

The world of luxury PR is just as exclusive as luxury brands….Why building exclusive relationships with top media professionals is the key survival guide for gaining brand awareness and exposure for clients. Jill Downie in a Special to Al Arabiya English reveals how important it is to always have the perfect PR pitch as well as producing concise pitches that are delivered on time, with the full support network that PRs are supposed to offer. She expressed as a journalist, you need your PR network to support you. You cherish the good PRs you come across – the ones you can trust will not let you down – and yes, these are few and far between. Good PRs get a huge amount more press coverage for their clients, and having sat on both sides of the fence, it’s easy to see why.

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One important factor for gaining luxury related press is to pitch luxury media publications. Sourcing and targeting the best luxury blogs and top luxury news syndication affiliation platforms with influential appeal.

Perfect PR Pitch

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Downie provides some insight for what PR professionals can do to get on the top-tier media’s speed dial list, hinting that her secret sauce can help to get in and stay in….

A helping hand
Next time you email or call a journalist, ask what they are working on and find out what you can do to help. It’s not always what they can do for you, but should be what you can do for them.

The death call
Do your research and find out every title’s press deadline – then avoid it like the plague. If you want to pitch your client forward for a lengthy feature, but you call 30 minutes before the magazine presses, you are likely to get a very irate staff member on the other side of the line.

It’s all in the detail
Instead of calling journalists incessantly, send them a well thought through email detailing – in bullet points where possible – exactly what you are pitching and whether this is an exclusive story for them. Exclusivity is key to securing a large feature.

Great expectations
It’s a common misconception by marketing managers that by advertising in the media title, you will automatically be supported with editorial coverage. To a certain extent, yes, you will have a certain amount of leverage, however you still have to feed journalists with good PR content for them to create stories.

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On demand
You should never demand or expect anything when it comes to editorial – it is ultimately the journalist’s choice what goes into their publication. This also goes for demanding a copy of the magazine – or a PDF of coverage. It is up to the PR to do their own media monitoring.

The chase
Ask any journalist their top three PR bugbears and you can guarantee that follow up calls will feature. “Did you get my press release on XYZ, that I sent a few minutes ago?” is a favourite. Here’s a tip – unless you get a bounce back email, they have it. If you have targeted your email well, it should be of interest, and they will use it.

When you receive a lovely gift from a friend, family member or even a colleague, it’s always polite to give thanks. The same goes for when you receive an amazing piece of coverage. Show the journalist that you really appreciate the coverage and you really enjoyed working together. Gifts are not necessary, your acknowledgement is often enough.

It’s a date
Good PRs know, journalists are your extramarital relationships. You have to nurture your relations, get to know your contacts inside out. Understand how they tick and how they like to communicate. You would not expect to build a meaningful relationship with a partner and never ask them out on a date. Ask them for coffee, or lunch. They may not have the time, however it is the thought that counts.

Know your stuff
Know your magazines. It’s one of the most basic tips that can be handed down by a journalist, but also the most underrated. If you don’t understand the magazine or reader profile, you are wasting your time as well as the journalists’ by pitching irrelevant content.

The full monty
When it comes to sending a press release, or a media kit, always ensure you have thought of every last detail that the journalist may need. Have you included the launch date, opening hours, prices and availability? If not, you are effectively creating more work for the journalist, as they then need to chase you for this basic information.

Picture perfect
Understand the difference between picture formats – and how to send each. A very high-resolution image should never need to be over 3-4MB and if you are sending more than one, you would need to send via an external source, such as Dropbox or Wetransfer. As a journalist, there’s nothing more frustrating than having your email blocked for a day and then crash under the pressure of a PR sending a 20MB image. The general rule is to send nothing more than 5MB in one email.

The name game
This may seem obvious, but you would be surprised how many agencies still refuse to address journalists personally. Of course, it’s far quicker to mass mail everyone using “Dear Editor”, “Dear Media Friends” or simply start with no introduction whatsoever. However, if you are requesting media coverage, at least have the courtesy to address your recipient by their first name.

What do you think? Do you have a special perfect PR pitch tip when it comes to promoting luxury brands for luxury PR media press? 

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