The World PR Media’s fourth “Luxury Beauty Brunch” theme is World of Fragrances for 2016! Celebrating, while appearance and delivery is key, what makes an even striking presence is the detection of a fragrance in the air. This year’s Luxury Beauty Brunch focuses on “it is” the need for fragrance that makes the person, home or office unforgettable, something that sets you apart. On a quest to bring the best trends and stakeholders in the world of fragrances together. The Luxury Beauty Brunch teamed up with renowned experts in the field to enlighten on the subject matter of fragrances….#WorldOfFragrances smell the excitement.

This event is scheduled to take place on April 30th, 2016 with ORIKI Spa as the hosting venue. Luxury Beauty Brunch is sponsored by Cointreau, Zaron Cosmetics, GalaRosa Wines, Pure Cosmetics, Mahnoush Beauty Place, Aweni Organics, Stephanie Nicholas Wellness and Madmoiselle Aglaia. Media partners are Vanguard Allure, Exquisite Magazine, Kamdora, Pulse NG, Sotectonic, OmogeMura (us), 360Nobs, Style Vitae, Glam Squad Magazine, and Mariam Adeyemi Blog.

Luxury Beauty Brunch 2016

World PR Media’s fourth Luxury Beauty Brunch Main Mosnar Communications

According to, Cointreau is the official beverage partner and Zaron Cosmetics is the official Cosmetics Brand of the day. Citing the Luxury Beauty brunch promises to be nothing short of its usual “fabulous fun”.  Set to be hosted by the prestigious Oriki Spa management, the most sought after brunch is also announcing other partners for this brunch – GalaRosa Wines, Pure Cosmetics, Mahnoush Beauty Place, Aweni Organics, Stephanie Nicholas Wellness and Mademoiselle Aglaia are also partners of this “World Of Fragrances” themed brunch.

Oriki Spa World PR Media’s Luxury Beauty Brunch 3 Mosnar Communications

Tayo Afolabi, the Founder of the Luxury Beauty Brunch had this to say about the 30th of April Brunch: “We have carefully selected our specialist speakers of the day to support our theme. Tope Omai, the Perfumer and Founder of Mystiquee Perfumery takes us through “The Art of Perfume Making”, Stephanie Kalu-Uche of the Stephanie Nicholas Wellness brand will enlighten us in a category called “Nonescents”. This category specifically treats why their range of “natural” products are “fragrance free”. Mariam Afolabi (Co-Partner Mademoiselle Aglaia) was profiled for the “Perfumed Oils” in their product line whilst Hafsatu Garba of the Mahnouch Beauty Place and Salma Phillips (TV Personality) were profiled because of their wealth of knowledge and experience with the “Oud” and other northern spices and fragrances. Furthermore, we always tie our brunches to the business of looking good and for that segment, we have partnered with Zaron to present “the Zaron experience” which showcases 10 minutes of tops trend beauty tips using their products and of course samples to try on those looks from the comfort of our homes.”

Oriki Spa World PR Media’s Luxury Beauty Brunch 2 Mosnar Communications

The Media Division arm of World PR Media has also been recording a series of content called “The Beauty Reports” which will be launched in July and promises some great beauty industry news and views.


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