Airbnb is wasting no time extending travel to entertainment lifestyle. With the launch of NYC Local Tours, the company is proving hosting local experiences is the next big thing and future of travel. Especially, when it comes to traveling by destination through local expertise.

While this concept for “elevating destination travel experiences” is not new. It’s certainly a big shift when a mega brand such as Airbnb starts catering to hosting entertainment and experiences. 

NYC Local Tours By Airbnb

We can likely expect Airbnb and luxury hotels to form partnerships with online local destination digital sites in major cities and around the world. Where these digital sites already have influence and credibility among their viewership. 

In Atlanta, sites like and Thrillist Atlanta provide a variety of insider local experiences. Since launching in 2007 over 10 years ago, has been the authority on metro Atlanta’s luxury lifestyle experiences. 

Airbnb brings in star power to promote their NYC Local Tours with the help of Sarah Jessica Parker hosting a “shoe-shopping experience” at Bloomingdale’s!

Okay, we are already excited for this one and want in on the experience. The listing experience launches on Oct. 6 and will go live Tuesday morning, with four spaces bookable at $400 each, first come, first served. The money will go to the New York City Ballet, where Sarah Jessica Parker  is a board member.

Will Airbnb own hosting experiences, like they do travel? 

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