Who will be Senator Barack Obama’s running mate? Those still holding out for Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, I don’t think so. According to the IHT, Senator Barack Obama has all but settled on his choice for a running mate and set an elaborate rollout plan for his decision, beginning with an early morning alert to supporters, perhaps as soon as Wednesday morning, aides said.

As of now the running mate has not been notified by Obama or even those who have not been selected. However, I bet Hillary has been informed that it is mostly likely not going to be her and that should be no real shocker.
Who is the likely choice? According to the report Obama was said to be focused mainly on three candidates: Senator Evan Bayh of Indiana, Governor Tim Kaine of Virginia and Senator Joseph Biden Jr. of Delaware.
Advisers for Obama say that he reached his decision while on vacation in Hawaii. They said it was the end of what proved to be an unexpectedly intense process, condensed because he did not want to start actively vetting potential running mates before Clinton quit the race in June.
I guess a vacation always helps! Who do you think Obama will select as his running mate? Why should he select Hillary or why not?

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