Most brands don’t realize that they have the power to create and control their publicity coverage in their direct industries. Often they miss out on mass opportunities to receive free publicity related to hot trends and ideas. A solution to get some media buzz surrounding your products and services is to stay in the know of what is fresh and new.

One way to keep a watch on your industry is to sign up for Google alerts. The service is free and allows you to receive news about specific topics that you identify that you would like to obtain notice on the subject matter. The search engine giant will email you every time they have news buzzing around the topic and you get to stay informed.
Now that you got the goods you also need to know what to do with all this information. It is very important that you implement products and services related around trends that only add value to your core business. You don’t want to create fly by night fads and you will need to establish sustainability quality.
Getting Started:

Media Releases – Write media releases that will allow you to receive news coverage surrounding topics that are fresh and new. Make sure to relate how products and services are part of new concepts and expansions.
Pitching Stories – Contact resources that focus on industry trends and pitch story ideas about how products and services you offer add value to new concepts.
SEO Promotions – Make sure that you include search engine optimization keywords during communications with target audiences. Include words used to identify new concepts and ideas.
The purpose should be to become an expert on what is considered cutting edge and get some free promotions for your products and services. This allows you to increase your brand recognition for more revenue earnings.

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