Despite now being the number ONE most popular tech blog surging pass TechCrunch, but seemingly does not make the Grade as an elite blog. I know, WT*! Hubspot’s new tool does NOT list Mashable among their list of Blog Elite – The Most Powerful Blogs.

Let me add that I am a huge fan of Mashable and read the blog daily. While my target audience focus is on luxury PR, the insight Mashable provides is amazing! Luxury brands still don’t get the importance of social media and how informative a blog such as Mashable can be.

After a review of our profile for Mosnar Communications Inc Blog that was scored poor by Grader’s value grade system. I was able to identify key elements that Grader values for blogs to receive passing grades. Generally advertisers and marketers are only concerned with strong Alexa ranking, Google PR, and Inbound links. However, Grader’s summary breaks down content analysis, descriptions, Google indexed pages, inbound links, word cloud, and the list goes on.

Grader system seems to not be crazy about blogs hosted on free sites such as Google’s Blogger. One thing that was recognized was that it certainly helps to list a description for your blog, which we forgot to do, LOL! Additionally, while our blog is a Google News circulation we really need to get our pages indexed in Google more.

I might add that Grader did give Mashable a 99, we scored that upside down. However, the evaluation tool is a great measurement of a blog’s exposure presence to measure sustainability.

Check out Grader’s Twitter grading system. Looks like we are doing things right when it comes to Twitter!

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