The Panache Report provides an excellent reference of African American celebrities who do die with little or no fanfare. However, adding Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes to the list I would have to question this move. As the deaths of both of these great men have been given extensive media coverage and they have certainly received their share of fanfare earned and deserved.

When reading the Panache Report you will become taken back that most of the people on the report are now deceased because you more than likely missed hearing media coverage about when they passed.

The Panache Report even has a section about scandals and tragedies that uncover the African American down-low gay world.

While the Panache Report is very detailed on getting their facts correct, I don’t feel that Mac or Hayes should be added to the list of African American celebrities who die with little or no fanfare. How do you feel about the Panache Report adding Mac and Hayes to this list?

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