I guess few can rise from reality TV star to A-List celebrity like Kim Kardashian. However, there are some reality stars that have the public interest but not the branding structure to make sure they sustain. Yea, celebrities are no different than any other brand. A brand is also an image.
This brings me to Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt the reality TV drama couple of The Hills. Who managed to turn their recent wedding and honeymoon into a media event about nothing? From what I see, Heidi and Spencer are becoming more of a Fad than Fab.
Those new to A-List style attention often fail to realize that the Paparazzi will use you. And if you let them can kill your brand. Hint, hint Paris Hilton. Actually, Paris was able to take back control from a Paparazzi assisted suicide takeover.
Let’s hope that Heidi and Spencer can turn things around, I really would like to see them sustain. You only really make it in Hollywood if you can sustain.

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