Okay the holiday season is just around the corner. Yikes, sorry to report for luxury retailers and luxury brands the holiday season is already upon us. Are you ready to drive revenue earnings? Let me rephrase that “are you set up for success” to generate revenue from the holiday season?

Great news for those slow moving  Marketing Officers/ Managers, Public Relations Pros, Content Marketing Firms, Luxury Brands, Small Luxury Business, and more alike we have the perfect solution just for you. MosnarCommunications.com is an influential platform for luxury and lifestyle products, goods, and services. Now you can partner with MosnarCommunications.com for direct marketing holiday luxury campaigns. This holiday season you can partner with us through content marketing engagement sponsorship.

Michael-Kors-HolidayPhoto credit Michael Kors

Direct Marketing

The fastest solution to generate holiday sales is to implement a direct marketing campaign to drive revenue earnings. Sponsored content marketing is an ideal point of engagement to educate luxury consumers on holiday promotions. However, when direct marketing campaigns are not distributed on influential matched media sources the desired target audience will never be reached. Therefore the goal to convert luxury purchases, online buying, bookings, enrollments, and so on can’t be achieved. This is where MosnarCommunications.com can assist you to reach holiday promotional goals and revenue earnings.

Our global audience of ultra wealthy consumers and luxury professionals trust us to inform them on luxury and lifestyle goods, products, and services. Further, luxury professionals rely on MosnarCommunications.com for public relations PR tips and resources. Let us help you tell your brand story better on our website platform. We can serve as a lead magnet to capture best matched target audiences of ultra wealthy consumers ready to buy.

Sponsored content marketing on MosnarCommunications.com can elevate your brand awareness, press releases, social media campaigns, direct marketing targets, website traffic, online sales, and more.

Holiday Sponsored Content Marketing Packages:

1 sponsored content marketing campaign featured on

MosnarCommunications.com                                                                                                 $199

2 sponsored content marketing campaigns featured on

MosnarCommunications.com                                                                                                  $349

4 sponsored content marketing campaigns featured on

MosnarCommunications.com                                                                                                  $600


In confidence express your interest today. Limited space and availability please contact  postmaster@mosnarcommunications.com . 

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