A new trend is spreading and it is making GFYA (Good For Your Age) the hottest thing on the new horizon. So what determines what makes one look GFYA (Good For Your Age)? Is it plastic surgery or natural tender care? Eating right, plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables compared to Botox! Too close to call.

So, according to Times Online, there used to be a universal Good For Your Age (GFYA) standard, back when GFYA meant well preserved considering how many years you had been walking the planet. Now, how you rate on the GFYA scale depends on which micro-planet you inhabit, and what the women in your world consider to be appropriate anti-ageing maintenance.

© Shane Watson 2009. Extract taken from How to Meet a Man After Forty and Other Midlife Dilemmas Solved
Yes, if you can say:
– I can touch my toes.
– I draw the line at leggings.
– I have my own teeth.
– I have stopped home-dyeing my hair.
– I only have friends who make me laugh.
– I still buy albums.
– I crave fashion (sometimes).
– I own nothing beige.
– I never compromise on shoes.
– I have danced in the kitchen in the past six months.
No, if you would say:
– I still want to look like Sarah Jessica Parker.
– I never eat carbs after 6pm.
– I sometimes wear over-the-knee socks with heels.
– I lie to everyone about my age.
– I never touch my face with my hands because it is bad for the complexion. (This is something Glenn Close once told me in an interview. I have, literally, never got over it.)
– I won’t allow animals in my house.
– I am always in bed by midnight.
– I need my own room.
– I cannot see the point of ear-splittingly loud music.

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