It may be cheaper to keep her or at least allow her to keep her Amex black card. Divorce is up for those who can’t afford to keep their mates charmed in luxury. Actually, wealthy wives are only willing to tolerate cheating husbands if they continue to keep them in luxury.

So rich wives quick to divorce and now on the hunt! According to, Rich South African wives have launched a blitz of divorce actions since the start of the credit crunch, saying they will no longer tolerate their husbands’ affairs now that their money is gone.
This week, divorce lawyers and marriage counselors said divorce was on the rocks, with settlements plunging, spouses unable to sell their houses — even to each other — and a major boom in marriage counseling threatening to save relationships.
There’s expected to be little sign this month of the traditional surge in “New Year divorces” following festive season rows and illicit party sex.
This week, the New York Times quoted Gary Nickelson, president of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, as saying: “We used to fight about who gets to keep the house. Now we fight about who gets stuck with the dead cow.”

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