Luxury lifestyles of the posh and young at heart are becoming growing trends. For child luxury the lifestyle experience is what adds value to quality of life for children. Aside from the lifestyles we see represented by celebrity kids, parents want to give their children lasting memories also. Moving beyond playful things but shifting toward building fun memories.
Like say, an afternoon tea at the Ritz-Carlton Buckhead hosted by a four year old for other young girls. The venue location of the Ritz-Carlton Buckhead would merit that this is no pretend afternoon tea but the actual real deal. Child luxury is a moving mini version of the real thing for luxury lifestyle experiences.
What does one wear on an afternoon tea occasion? According to, “Age should never be a reason for foregoing proper dress attire.” They also believe that young girls as early as four should be trained on proper tea etiquette.
The real point is that luxury posh experiences add so much to building upon childhood memories. You can always host an afternoon tea at a Ritz-Carlton in your area.

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