Luxury real estate is starting to trend again now that luxury brands are teaming up with property developers. Upscale designer properties are getting a major boost from big name luxury brands such as Bulgari and Fendi who are partnering to reap big benefits.

As the exclusive world inside luxury real estate selling has gone mainstream through reality television. It may even appear that selling high-end properties is seemingly easy. After all on TV we see lavish open houses, speed buying events, and so no. Outside of reality television, what I call the real world much more is actually involved.

Fendi Casa Home Ritz-Carlton Residences

Fendi Casa Home Ritz-Carlton Residence, photo credit Ritz-Carlton Residences

What we are seeing is luxury brands like Baccarat, the French crystal brand known for its HK$1,000 champagne flutes, has The Baccarat Residences in Shanghai and New York. The Bulgari Residences in London and Bali are adjacent to hotels in those cities constructed by the luxury jewellery brand. Versace, Fendi and Armani have partnered with developers worldwide – from Morocco to Manila – bringing their specific aesthetic to residential buildings.

This new evolution in luxury real estate is showing up in other forms, too. At the Ritz-Carlton Residences in Los Angeles, one newly unveiled penthouse has been completely outfitted by Fendi Casa. On a prime stretch of Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills, a high-end condominium features flats designed by Armani Casa and Ralph Lauren.

Baccarat Residences

Baccarat Residences, photo credit Baccarat Residences

For property developers they have hopes to connect on an emotional level with brand conscious buyers to purchase properties that are co-branded with well-known designers. This approach has always worked well among exclusive luxury offerings. For example many luxury products and services include luxury packaging offerings.

However, the biggest advantage to selling luxury real estate is prestige to lifestyle representation. When you want to sell luxury real estate you have to be able to know how-to moderate why a luxury consumer should buy. Lately, you hear many marketers referring to this a storytelling. work with luxury real estate projects through creating storytelling content engagement. Our expertise of knowing how to create credibility for ultra luxury products and services gives us influential control.

When it comes to promoting luxury real estate lifestyle engagement research is very important. Building brand awareness for a luxury property is a quick solution to create a demand. Which allows the property developer to target and attract the most desired luxury consumers.

If you would like to assist you with a luxury real estate project we will be happy to evaluate your project. We work with luxury real estate brokers/ agents and luxury real estate developers. Please contact us in confidence Ann Lane , .

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