CR Cataunya Ransom is the Co-founder of the acclaimed luxury PR portal. Having award winning influence and credibility luxury brands seek to work with the portal to reach ultra rich audiences. Unlike traditional advertising outlets, luxury brands enlist the portal site to help reach exclusive high-end audiences not considered for the masses. The content approach is also not traditional, the method is done using the elements of public relations.


CR Cataunya Ransom,

When was first launched in February of 2006 the direction was to be only a luxury PR firm. However, after drawing interest from high-net worth consumers about luxury PR stories the focus changed to luxury brand PR management. The need was to present a portal site that was influential and credible for delivering the storytelling of luxury brands. A strategic plan and approach for communications to engage brand awareness.

Recently introduced by was “ICEUltimate Luxury CinemaAt Home Hollywood Experience,” which start from $1 Million and go up to $5 Million or more. According to Ransom, luxury is lifestyle and curating creates value for brand management. Ransom consults luxury brands and speaks to audiences about the importance of curating for luxury brand PR management. 

One-On-One, Q&A with CR Cataunya Ransom:

Question: Where does fit in among luxury website blogs to help luxury brands increase awareness?

CR Cataunya Ransom: Actually, is a medium for luxury website blogs as well as luxury brands. We create a venue to communicate luxury brand storytelling using public relations practices. This forces a need and demand for luxury marketing and promotions.

We are not in competition because we are not targeted for the masses. When we communicate our influence for relating the luxury brand’s story it builds credibility.

Question: How should luxury brands approach social media and what is the social media focus for

CR Cataunya Ransom: For some reason this question is off limits and considered top secret by most brands in the luxury industry. It’s no secret that luxury brands are still holding back on social media because it is considered non-exclusive.

However, luxury brands should now embrace social media but with different rules for engagement. It’s very important for luxury brands to curate their storytelling to reach their desired target audience and connect with them emotionally first. Seeking to build social media networks of targeted individuals with similar interests. This is the solution to protect the integrity of the luxury brand and participate in social media networking. For example, setting up a Facebook Fan Page, that engages luxury consumers of certain financial status to LIKE and follow. Implementing strategies to reach a better targeted luxury consumer audience is how luxury brands should be approaching social media.

From the beginning our social media network focus has been to target luxury consumer audiences and that remains today. We implemented Twitter early in social media networking campaigns. However, we only just recently launched our own Facebook Fan Page by choice for This was because our entire approach has always been that we are not for the masses. How we maintain our Facebook social media presence is to curate storytelling that is specifically targeted for luxury consumers.

Question: How does curate luxury brand storytelling?

CR Cataunya Ransom: We implement theory and research to create a compelling luxury brand story. It’s not just about the history of a luxury brand but the lifestyle curating storytelling that influences. Everybody loves a good love story and through curating we moderate the love story of the luxury consumer to connect with the luxury brand. Curating is a continued process for branding and communicating for emotional engagement.

Not to sound overmodest but I don’t worry about competition much because few can tell a story as innovative as we do for luxury brands. Most of what I see is fluff and not that engaging to be influential. Theory guides research and we put a great deal of research into our content engagement. It has paid off because our following digital, mobile, and social media is an exclusive high-end audience.

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